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Event/conference & film production

We have the will, the tools and the competence to deliver technical solutions for a successful event. Feel free to share your ideas with us at an early stage. Academy conference is happy to help you with planning and implementation.

AV event & conference

Ultuna Studio

For information and booking of the free of charge recording studio, click the link above.


For events that can not be accommodated due to the capacities of the studio, AV-support have a fee-financed operation listed below.


Start-up meeting Event (Quotation)

The event service may include everything from sound, light and stage and often includes live streaming with a professional camera and off-equipment. We perform events with internal staff as much as possible according to capacity.

We are responsible for off-technical equipment and relevant personnel, and delivery by the quote and subject to capacity.

Remember to order in time (+14 days) to make sure you can take advantage of our offers.

Cancel - no later than 14 days before the event (live streaming) and production to avoid unnecessary costs. In case you book too late, 50% of the offered price will be invoiced and cancellation within 48 hours of planned streaming or production will be invoiced in full.

Film production

Production of film and related media content differs in that, for example, the film is produced for a launch date. It can also be about pre-production for, for example, screens at events. We distinguish event and live streaming from production because production often involves a different type of planning and in many cases extensive post-production (editing, sound processing, colour correction, graphics)

If your request is for a larger Event or a larger Production - order in good time. Feel free to involve us in the process already in initial discussions.

Published: 02 April 2024 - Page editor: fredrik.ericson@slu.se

Contact IT department

  • IT-Support: 018-67 6600
  • IT-Servicedesk / Tele-support: Tone selection 1
  • Video conference/ AV-support: Tone selection 2
  • IT-support
  • support@slu.se

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