Bikes at campus Ultuna

Last changed: 10 April 2024
bikes under roof

At campus Ultuna, we want to reduce the negative impact on the environment caused by our travel. We are doing this by encouraging and facilitating travel to/from work by bike, and by making it possible to use a bike for work-related travel.

Uppsala municipality has initiated the project ‘Bike-friendly workplace’ in order to improve the well-being of employees and our shared environment.

At SLU, we want to contribute to reduced emissions and improved health and well-being, and have launched a bike-friendly workplace project here on campus. More information (in Swedish only) is available on the Uppsala Municipality website.

The work involved in making Campus Ultuna a bike-friendly workplace was launched in spring 2016, when a workgroup was set up. The project group consists of representatives from all the houses at campus.

The Ultuna bicycle self-repair workshop

Where: Ulls Väg 24 (Red brick building to the right of VHC)

About the Workshop:
The workshop aims to offer students and staff the opportunity to repair and service their bicycles on campus for free. We have a workshop with all the essential tools for you to fix many smaller and larger bike problems plus spare parts in case something needs to be replaced.

The workshop is open thursdays 4 to 6 pm. Student volunteers are present during opening hours to answer questions and assist you with your bike issues. Please see the workshop´s Facebook page for updated information on opening hours.

The service is free.

How did this come about? 
Daniel Valentini is a PhD student in Landscape Architecture. His PhD project is concerned with urban bicycling and how it can be facilitated. He thought a bicycle self-repair workshop might be a nice way to bring bicycle repair and maintenance closer to people. 2018 he applied for funding from SLU´s climate fund to set up the workshop and since autumn 2019 it has opened doors.

Want to become a volunteer?
We are looking for people to join the volunteer crew and learn new skills. Previous experience in bike maintenance not necessary. Feel free to contact Daniel for more information at

Bike pool

On Campus Ultuna, members of staff can borrow a bike from the bike pool. Some simpler tools are also available.

MVM Building
In the MVM building tools are available to borrow. For information please contact the facility management staff.

Ulls house
In Ulls hus an electric bike is available. You book the bike in Outlook ( More information is found in Procedure for Ull staff bike or at Service center in Ulls hus. 


There are 3 bikes and helmets to borrow at VHC. The bikes are booked in the reception. There you can also borrow some simpler tools.

Ecology Centre
At the Ecology Centre, there are one transportation-e-bike, one transportation bike, two regular bikes and helmets plus some simpler tools. There is a booking list available at the facilities management office.