Quality and Impact 2018 (Q&I 2018)

Last changed: 27 January 2023

The SLU University Board decided in April 2017 to conduct an evaluation of research at SLU.

The focus of the evaluation was on the level of the research group and addressed three principal components:

  1. Quality of scientific research
  2. Societal impact of research 
  3. Capacity to collaborate with society

Nearly 2000 SLU employees working in research and research support were grouped into 61 Units of Assessment (UoAs).

This report presents an analysis of the key results that are to form the basis for future strategic decisions made by all levels of SLU.

Download the Quality and Impact 2018 report here >>

Appendices to the report: 

  1. Panels and Units of Assessment
  2. Expert reviewers and their organizational affiliations
  3. Evaluation instructions for expert reviewers
  4. Self-assessment template for UoAs
  5. Bibliometric analyses descriptions
  6. Research evaluation report template
  7. Overview reports of research fields
  8. Unit of Assessment scores
  9. Review panel reports for each UoA