Help for refugees and those affected

Last changed: 10 July 2023
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Naturally, the invasion of Ukraine has raised questions about how individuals and organisations can help out. SLU management is now determining how the university can act in a way that is suitable for our core activities and the tasks we have been assigned from the Government and other public authorities.

The university is collaborating with several authorities and organisations on the current situation in Ukraine. These include the Government, SLU’s international networks, other Swedish universities and higher education institutions, national authorities and regional and local organisations where we have our main campuses.

Support for researchers fleeing Ukraine

The university will review which possibilities are available for helping Ukrainian researchers and how these can be financed. SLU is a member of Scholars at Risk (SAR), an organisation that supports researchers who cannot work in their home countries.

Research funding bodies have also created various grants and scholarships for Ukrainian researchers joining Swedish universities and higher education institutions. It is important that SLU’s offer of SAR placements are coordinated by the university. Make any suggestions to your head of department who will forward them to the Division of Human Resources.

Researchers can still share information with their networks about the possibility of applying via funding bodies and SAR.

Scholars at Risk, SAR

The Swedish Research Council have gathered information about current support initiatives. The web page will be updated continuously.

Support for researchers from Ukraine

How you can help

Individual employees and students wanting to contribute and provide support during the crisis are encouraged to contact established aid and charity organisations or civil organisations that work with welcoming refugees.