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The Russian invasion of Ukraine

Vice chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel. Photo.

Condemnation of the invasion

“It is with sorrow that we are following what is happening in Ukraine. We support the Swedish Government’s condemnation of the invasion. We are looking at how we can help the students and staff who may have been negatively affected,” says Vice-Chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel. 

Read the Vice-Chancellor's blog post where she puts the unimaginable into words and emphazises that our academic values and democratic principles will be more important than ever.

Suspended collaborations

What does the Government's request for suspended collaborations with state institutions mean?

Swedish parlament in Stockholm, photo.

Studying at SLU

What applies for people from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia who are studying or wants to study at SLU?

Female student sitting and reading at a table in front of a window. Photo.
The back of a younger man with a gray hat looks down at the ground. Photo.

Are you anxious?

Support is available from SLU if you are anxious or struggling with your mental health. We are an international university and many people are affected by the current situation in different ways.

Students can contact the study guidance service, programme directors of studies, or course coordinators, and the Student Health Centre.

Staff can contact their line manager or occupational health services.

Published: 05 March 2024 - Page editor: internkommunikation@slu.se

Security at SLU

The SLU Security Unit are following the events closely and are prepared to take action where necessary. Their primary focus is monitoring IT and information security.

Read more about information security and take part in our online training course.

Contact the SLU Security Unit via email, sakerhet@slu.se.

Emergency information from the Swedish authorities

Krisinformation.se publishes all of Sweden’s crisis information. The information published by the site has been verified by public authorities and other responsible parties.

Press room

Press contacts and contact information to researchers and experts can be found in the Press room.