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Last changed: 20 December 2021

We offer training to different target groups within SLU. The following is a collection of links to websites with more information about gender equality and equal opportunities.

Course for collaboration groups

The collaboration group conducts systematic work environment management based both on the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Discrimination Act. With this course, we want to demonstrate practical ways of combining both work environment and equal opportunity efforts that facilitate them both. The course is aimed at groups that have begun systematic work environment management and can be given both in Swedish and in English. The course is 3 hours and can be held online or physically on site.

Course content

  • Systematic work environment management and active measures
  • Norms and norm awareness
  • Case exercises

If the course is for a department, a gender equality and equal opportunities case officer and an HR specialist will hold it together. If the course is for administrative support, your HR specialist will hold the course.

Employees are trained in issues related to discrimination

SLU strives to be an attractive university for employees and students, with a good working environment in an organisation characterised by gender equality and equal opportunities. We work together to create this good working environment. A basic prerequisite for everyone reaching their full potential is that our work environment is free from discrimination.

As of autumn 2021, all employees will be trained in issues related to discrimination, through a four-part training. Each lesson of the course has a theme.

  • What does it mean to belong or not to belong to the norm?
  • What does discrimination mean?
  • What do I do if I am subject to harassment?
  • What can we do to create a good working environment where everyone can reach their full potential?

With this course, we want to increase awareness and knowledge about discrimination, about how you can contribute to a good working environment and about how SLU works to ensure equal opportunities. 

The course is offered by SLU’s Coordination Group for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities,

You can get to the course by clicking on the links.