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Short courses in green transition to share 2.5 million

Published: 13 May 2024

Why choose timber for your next construction project? Cider production – from raw material to product. These are the titles of two of the short courses for professionals that SLU  will conduct with specific funds from the government.

SLU is one of nine institutions that have received funding from the government to offer short courses to professionals. It's an educational initiative within the green transition, and this year SLU receives 2.5 million kronor to distribute. After an internal call for applications, many took up the offer. Out of 22 submitted course proposals, six have been granted funding. One of these is Cider production – from raw material to product, which is conducted within the Department of Plant Breeding, LTV-Faculty.

"It feels both enjoyable, exciting, and important to be able to offer this type of course. We see a great demand for information on cultivation and processing of fruit for beverage production, and the interest in various types of cider is increasing both nationally and globally. Fruits unsuitable for fresh consumption can be used, and the cultivation of specific cider apple varieties required for traditional cider production can contribute to better resource management and economics in fruit cultivation", says Kimmo Rumpunen, researcher and apple breeder at the Department of  Plant Breeding.

Society faces significant challenges regarding competence in the green transition. The government assesses that SLU is one of the institutions with a particularly strong educational environment in areas deemed important for society's climate challenges.

"It is, of course, a testament to SLU's strong position and good quality in these educational areas. It's pleasing that so many excellent proposals were submitted, covering a wide range of subjects", says Pär Forslund, deputy vice-chancellor responsible for educational matters at SLU.

The following short courses have been granted funding:

  • Why choose timber for your next construction project?
  • Cider production - from raw material to product
  • Blue transition for sustainable seas and waters
  • Grazing horses on natural pastures
  • Using drones in agriculture
  • Implementation of a sustainable multifunctional wetland landscape

The courses will be conducted during autumn 2024 and spring 2025.


SLU is one of nine institutions included in a government initiative to develop a range of short courses in the areas of battery, technology, and green transition. The courses are aimed at professionals who want to further their education or transition in their careers. The initiative spans several years, but funds for 2025 and beyond have not yet been allocated.

Other institutions covered by the initiative:

Uppsala universitet (coordinator), Lunds universitet, Umeå universitet, Linköpings universitet, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, Luleå tekniska universitet, Mälardalens universitet, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola


Ida Kollberg, Researcher
Department of Crop Production Ecology, director of undergraduate studies, SLU