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Biodiversity ­Challenge 2024

Published: 22 April 2024

From May 2–June 28 we want you to find and report as many different species as possible on SLU’s campuses. Participate in activities, compete with other SLU students during lunch breaks, or report species yourself – the important thing is that we report our observations in Artportalen (it is a Swedish system for species reporting but you can report using scientific names as well). This challenge is a cooperation and contest between 19 European universities.

On May 2, Biodiversity Challenge 2024 kicks off. The contest, internationally known as Biodiversity Challenge for ICA members, is a collaboration between 19 agricultural universities in 16 European countries. It starts May 22 and ends June 30. The universities are tasked with finding and reporting the wild species(not cultivated spieces) that occur on their respective campuses.

Last year was the first for SLU to participate. With 1,845 unique species reported and a total of 6,587 finds, we came in second. The University of Hohenheim won with 2,088 species and KU Leuven claimed third place with 1,488 species.

Students, staff, and anyone else can take a lunchtime walk together or report themselves – the important thing is that we report wild species on We will be adding activities continuously during this period, so stay tuned.

Do you want to organize an activity?

We are now looking for suggestions for activities or people who want to organize activities. Examples of past activities: Tree walk, looking for dung beetles, bird walk, straws and leaves. Please contact if you have any suggestions for activities.

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