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News about Nät 2.0

Published: 08 March 2024

Now it's progressing in two main areas: Planning & Installation and Technical Implementation in the project Network 2.0

For those of you who are curious about what is happening for the Net 2.0 project, here are some updates about the work.

Planning and Installation of Wi-Fi-Equipment

  • Wi-Fi equipment has been installed in several buildings in Ultuna, and soon 350 access points will be set up.

  • Later in March, installation will begin in Alnarp and then in Umeå.

  • Ongoing meetings are held with local contacts in the operations to gather information for the radio planning done by Atea.

Technical Implementation of the Network

  • Three out of four Proof of Concept (PoC) tests have been successfully completed, although the third test encountered problems that caused delays.

  • Preparations for the fourth test are underway, where different types of users will test access to various services.

  • A date for the official rollout and activation of the new network will thereafter be established.