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A new group is consolidating all infrastructure projects in Alnarp.

Published: 23 January 2024

Over the coming years, several major projects will impact the physical campus environment in various ways. For better management and coordination of these projects, SLU and Akademiska hus have formed a joint working group.

A new train station with platforms, the Western Node with a new forecourt area, a review of Sundsvägen, and possibly a new irrigation dam are among the works planned for the coming years. In addition to investigating, planning, and implementing various infrastructure projects, the new group's mission is to ensure that all infrastructure projects are synchronized with the construction projects planned on the campus.

Sara Kyrö Wissler, project manager for Alnarp's campus development, is one of SLU's representatives in the group and looks forward to the work in the new group. She stated, 'It's good that all initiatives regarding Alnarp's infrastructure have a clear forum where, together with Akademiska hus, we can capture, prioritise, and schedule significant changes. Smaller projects on campus can be carried out without lengthy processes.'

About the infrastructure group

The group is led by Akademiska hus, and the following individuals are involved:

From SLU

  • Johan Lindersson/Anna Lidvall Gräll, Project Manager
  • Sara Kyrö Wissler, Project Leader
  • Theodora Mårtensson, Facility Planner. Adjunct for questions about the Western Node.

From Akademiska hus:

  • Lisette Bengtsson, Property Manager
  • Elin Remstam, Project Manager
  • Frida Melin, Chief Property Officer (participating in the initiation of the work)
  • Annika Billstam, Strategic Property Developer for Outdoor Environment. Adjunct for questions about the outdoor environment.


Sara Kyrö Wissler, Project leader
Phone: 0703-32 17 26