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Inspiring lecture and conversation about sustainable food and climate

Published: 22 September 2023
Anna Richert receives award as SLU Alumna of the year 2023. Photo: Johan Wahlgren.

On 20 September, Anna Richert, SLU Alumna of the year 2023, came to SLU in Ultuna to hold a lecture and receive her award.

The ceremony began by Pär Forslund giving an opening speech and then presenting the diploma, flowers and a gift to Anna Richert.

In her lecture, Anna talked about how she is passionate about translating research publications into practical useful knowledge and information for consumers: ”Bring facts to the table”. 

It also became clear that Anna's competence covers questions about sewage, cycles, fertilizers, plant nutrient balances and climate measures in agriculture, both in Sweden and internationally. She has also participated in the development of climate certification of Swedish food.

After the lecture, moderator Annsofie Wahlström led a conversation with Anna, where they, among other things, talked about the role as SLU Alumna of the year and what it means to be an alumna. Anna explained that her network from her time as a student is very valuable, and that she many times has contacted the alumni network if she has had a difficult issue to solve.

The conversation turned into a discusson where student Saga Preis, Chair of the study council BioLivs, and alumna Linn Torstensson, Product Specialist at Coop, were also invited. The discussion provided many interesting insights about the complicated transformation into a sustainable society, with a focus on food and consumption. One of the questions raised, was how students can make sustainable choices based on their situation with, for example, limited finances. At the end of the conversation, the panel agreed on that there is hope for reaching the goals through the motivation of students, increased knowledge and that the researchers and consumers communicate their interest of more climate-smart food. One way to reach the goals is through dialogue and in meetings between people, says Anna. For example, by sharing a meal and talking about how, on an individual level, one can eat more climate-smart food.

The conversations continued during fika and mingle following the programme.


Jury's motivation for the award

Anna Richert has had an outstanding career as a specialist in sustainable food systems. She has made a significant impact by elevating complex issues around food and the environment in a pedagogic way, always based on scientific rigour, pragmatism and with great humility toward various goal conflicts. In her genuine commitment to achieve a more sustainable food system, she translates research into comprehensible activities. Anna’s work has made it easier for Swedish consumers to make conscious and sustainable food choices.

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