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Opportunity for MSc thesis work on Mobile Automatic Milking on Pasture

Published: 20 March 2023
An automatic milking robot from DeLaval machinery

A collaborative project between SLU and DeLaval

Automated Milking Systems (AMS) are internationally accepted as a valid alternative to conventional milking and an advanced means for dairy farm management. A mobile system for the AMS technology is gradually becoming a highly encouraging path of further development, creating possibilities for milking cows on pasture, which would greatly improve the animals’ access to pasture and fresh air, and at the same time reduce problems with regards to removal of manure and enable natural fertilization of land. Another possibility is to process the milk and sell it partially on site or near the grazing fields (see Figure below).

However, there could be many challenges of implementing the system, including technical and acceptability, which require further investigation. The main objectives of the thesis work are to:

1.     Explore the state of the art on the potentials and challenges for bringing the AMS out to the field using different approaches, practices, conditions and needs in different geographic areas (literature review)

2.     Investigate the challenges and possibilities for mobile and sustainable AMS units from the perspectives of farmers and other  stakeholders in the milk supply chain, as well as practical aspects of the system and technological requirements(survey)



There will be funding support for the thesis work.