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Apply for scholarships!

Published: 01 March 2023

The application period for the following scholarships are now open.

Application deadline 31 March!

Albert N. Cedergrens reseunderstödsfond

Anna-Britta och Vadim Söderströms resestipendiefond

Bröderna Edlunds donationsfond

Fonden för skogsvetenskaplig forskning

Fonden till Tor Jonssons minne

Forna elevers stipendiefond

Magda och Folke Carlssons stipendiefond

Nils Delins stipendiefond

Skandias stipendiefond

Torsten Wangenbergs stipendiefond

Wilhelm Smitts stipendiefond

More information about how to apply and which scholarships that are possible to apply for can be found on our website:Stipends and funds at the Faculty of Forest Sciences.