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Expansion and Extension of Western Node on Consultation

Published: 16 October 2023
aerial photo of Alnarp

An early feasibility study of the Western Hub has been completed and is now out for consultation with the heads of the departments.

Since May of this year, architect Paul Kvanta at the architectural firm Ahrbom & Partner has been working on a feasibility study for the Western Hub. It's an investigation in the early stages of the project, which has now been presented to the heads of the departments of the LTV Faculty and the Head of the department of Southern Swedish Forestry Science.

The architect's task has included examining the interaction between the Western Node and the new train stop, how Vegetum can be updated with stronger connections to other buildings, and determining the size and location of an additional building.

The proposal has been presented at two meetings, and the heads of the departments have until November 27 to gather and report feedback from the staff in their respective departments.

Students will also have the opportunity to provide feedback.

The project is part of the development of the Alnarp campus, and you can read more about the plans here.