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Take the opportunity to engage in the ELLS network

Published: 28 November 2022

Did you know that SLU have been an active member for two decades in the network Euroleague for Life Sciences - ELLS?

The ELLS network consist of Europe’s leading universities cooperating in the fields of Life, Agricultural and Forestry Sciences. ELLS offers several joint masters programs – SLU is part of EnvEuro, and arrange a range of summer schools, student challenges and competitions. Each year, a scientific student congference is arranged, giving students the opportunity to present their thesis work, discuss science and carrer possibilities. Next year, the student conference will be held in Hohenheim, Germany:

The core of the activities is done in ELLS’ Subject Areas, SA, gathering groups of researcher and teachers within certain topics. The SA can apply for funding for activities through the ELLS fund for incentives. By taking part in a SA, you can build a European network of colleagues, get in touch with future PhD-candidates and develop new research and education collaboration. The SA meets every year in connection to the scientific student conference.

The following Subject Areas are possible to join:

Animal Science


Economics and Management

Environmental science


Insect Ecology

Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (LASP)

Organic Agriculture

Plant Molecular Breeding and Biotechnology

Plant Health

Safety in the food chain

Digitalisation in the life sciences NY!


Contact Emma Capandegui,, if you are interested in participating in one of the Subject Areas.