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New web page for visualizing animal movement

Published: 05 March 2021

SLU WRAM has a new website for visualizing the movement of animals based on data from GPS sensors. Currently moose and deer are possible to track, but in autumn 2021 also wolfs in “vargwebb”.

All features found on the old pages for different projects and animals are now collected under Data sources, and in the upper right corner you choose whether to look at open data or if you want to see research data (mainly for data owners, require login & permission). 

In the future, we will further improve the site and welcome tips and requests. 


SLU WRAM is a national competence center and e-infrastructure for biotelemetry sensor data from animals. In our database sensor measurements ranging from positions (GPS), acceleration, proximity, heart rate to body temperature and physiological data from internal sensors for many different species are stored.


Debora Arlt, support and training Analysis Portal and WRAM
Swedish Species Information Centre, SLU