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Take a photo! Well-being and landscape - beyond nature

Published: 23 September 2020

In the project 'Well-being and landscape - beyond nature', we explore what the relationship between well-being and landscape means for individuals and how we can study and communicate this knowledge.

Building on a workshop which we held at the SLU Landscape days last autumn, we are now undertaking a small pilot study to try to capture what ‘well-being and landscape’ can mean through photographs.

For this we kindly request your help!

To participate, take a photo that illustrates for you the interplay between well-being and landscape. Send photo and name of photographer to no later than Thursday 15 October. As you send in the photo, you agree that it may be published in presentations within the project.

Read more about the project here.

The results will be presented in December.

We hope that as many as possible want to help us in this!

Thanks in advance and kind regards!

/ Mari Kågström, Andrew Butler and Sylvia Dovlén at the Department of Landscape Planning, Ultuna.


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