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Zumba at the AEM Zoom gym

Published: 02 April 2020
Zumba at SLU

It all started with some easy gym exercises at the morning coffee break  for the department's staff. But the corona pandemic forced Amanda Andersson to a change of plans. The simple stretching exercises rapidly developed into short, digital workouts filled with laughter and joy. Recently it was Zumba Wednesday via Zoom, next in line is Dance Band Friday for the staff at the Department of Work Science, Economics and Environmental Psychology, AEM, at SLU Alnarp.

Amanda Andersson, project assistant at AEM, is convinced that everyone performs better after physical activity.

-Many of us have sedentary jobs and I hope both me and my colleagues will last for many more years. I also believe that all forms of group activities are positive for group cohesion and can promote a good team spirit in other contexts in the workplace, says Amanda.

Head of Department, Christina Lunner Kolstrup, invites staff to the meeting every morning and actively participates in the workout as well. She can only see benefits of this new activity.

-It is wonderful to have a little bit of joy in your daily work. If we cannot have the social contacts on campus, that are so important for job satisfaction and work motivation, then we must create them in cyberspace!