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Work science

Work science deals with safe, healthy and stimulating working environments and good leadership, particularly within the agricultural sector.

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Javier Edo Varg

javier.vargas@slu.se Hello! I am Javier Edo Varg but you can call me Javi or Edo or Varg, and I love microbes! @.@ If you want to know more about me and my research, you can follow me on Instagram!

Ten years of gender equality on the agenda

Report launch: 10 years of gender equality on the agenda elias.andersson@slu.se It is now just over ten years since the national gender equality strategy for the forest sector and its background

Elias Andersson

elias.andersson@slu.se Course leader: Genuskompetens för skogssektorn Gender and Forests: management, policy and governance Jämställdhet som branschgemensam strategi i skogsbrukssektorn  Hur görs (

Maria Vilain Rørvang

mariav.rorvang@slu.se Researcher at the Department of Biosystems and Technology, animal group. I have a Masters degree in Agrobiology and a PhD in Animal Science and work mainly on research

New name for the Departement AEM

Let us present our new and powerful name! Department of People and Society – we research and teach environmental psychology, business management and advisory services At the turn of the year, the

Fernanda De Miranda Vasconcelos

I am a PhD student at the department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies, and my research is about how to optimize microalgae and lipids production using community ecology as a tool. My

Working conditions on Kenyan cut flower farms – a rosy business?

- Have you ever bought cut flowers in the supermarket? Good chance that those were from Kenya! Roses and other cut flowers from Kenya can be found in many European and Asian supermarkets, floristry

Susan Nuske

I am an Ecologist interested in investigating species interactions through molecular techniques. I am particularly interested in fungal interactions with other tropic levels (animals and plants) and

Dianne Staal Wästerlund

I am a senior lecturer and teach organisation and leadership as well as ergonomics in the Forest Science programme. My research concerns the development/changes in the private forestry sector in

Gun Lidestav

Profile I have a background in forestry and a great interest in the social and cultural aspects of how we, as individuals and society, look at the forest and its use. Therefore, during my education

Jenna Senecal

Finite resources are under ever increasing demands and my goal in life is to work towards a circular economy where we transition from linear systems to closed loop systems. Specifically, I am

Abhijeet Singh

My research at the department of Molecular Sciences deals with the development of novel modelling and surveillance method for the "Microbiological surveillance of Biogas Plants". The biogas plants