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Ongoing consultation round for the 2021 programme portfolio

Published: 22 April 2020

The deadline for responses to the consultation round is approaching; faculty boards, programme boards, Sluss, etc. have commented on the report “En programportfölj för framtiden – förslag om förändrat utbildningsutbud vid SLU” (programme portfolio for the future – proposals regarding changing SLU’s programme offering). All responses must be submitted no later than 30 April. The Board of Education and SLU Board will then process the matter further.

The report, which has been reviewed by faculty and programme boards, is a joint proposal based on previous proposals submitted by the programme boards concerning new and developed programmes. The report includes a number of scenarios where programme proposals are implemented to various extent depending on conditions such as budget, etc.

Johan Gaddefors is the head of the programme portfolio development project (PPUP):

"The work leading up to the SLU Board's decision in June is extensive. There is a lot left to do. In this first step, we believe in solutions such as facilitating student mobility and making existing programmes more attractive. We also focus on popular science programmes that will enhance the number of students who apply to SLU. New, improved programme titles that appeal more prospective students are also an important factor," states Gaddefors.

"The deciding factor is how future students will respond to the planned changes. The ongoing programme portfolio activities must be planned based on their response. Based on increased financial opportunities, we also hope to implement more changes than those possible before 2021," continues Gaddefors.

Karin Holmgren, Chair of the Board of Education, stated the following in an open letter sent to everyone who contributed programme proposals for SLU's future range of programmes:

"Some proposals will be launched later on, others may be turned into courses and others might not happen at all. Regardless, I am convinced that the actual process, the work, will mean a lot for SLU's future; the knowledge about and skills relating to education issues have grown exponentially and will be crucial to keep SLU on the leading edge when it comes to offering modern and relevant programmes."

What happens next?
• 30 April: Deadline for consultation round responses from the faculty boards, programme boards, Sluss, etc.
• 15 May: The Board of Education will review the proposals, which will result in a joint programme offering proposal.
• 16 January: The SLU Board is expected to approve the programme offering for 2021–2022.

Programme portfolio for the future
Here is a link to the report sent for a consultation round on 20 March (only in Swedish): En programportfölj för framtiden – förslag om förändrat utbildningsutbud vid SLU..

Would you like to comment on consultation responses? Contact your faculty or programme board.

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En programportfölj för framtiden

Här hittar du rapporten som är ute på remiss sedan den 20 mars: En programportfölj för framtiden – förslag om förändrat utbildningsutbud vid SLU.

Har du synpunkter till remissvaren? Kontakta din fakultets- eller programnämnd.

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