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News from the VH Faculty meeting on 22 April

Published: 04 May 2020

Report from the Faculty board meeting on 22 April.

New head of faculty administration

It has now been decided who will be the new head of faculty administration at the VH Faculty: Caroline Carlström. She will take up her post on 1 May. She introduced herself during Wednesday’s meeting.

Recruitment matters

The following recruitment matters were discussed:

  • the recruitment profile for the professorship in equine medicine was established;
  • the recruitment profile for the post of associate senior lecturer specialising in anatomy was established;
  • external expert assessment for the post of senior lecturer specialising in equine science.


Inger Alderborn and Jimmy Karlsson presented a financial report on the first quarter of the year. The results (+ SEK 1.3 million) were better than expected. It is difficult to draw any conclusions at this time, but the VH Faculty may once again have to pay a capital fee for 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic may involve consequential effects such as pushing employments forward and difficulty carrying out certain projects. There is also a risk that there may be reduced study revenue from foreign students.

There are also some positive news: a higher number of applicants for all degree programmes. For example, the number of first choice applicants for the Agriculture programme ­– Animal Science has increased from 24 to 34 compared to last year.


Work is ongoing with the faculty’s skills provision plans. Ola Thomasson talked about the current plan status and what is expected to happen in the near future, such as strategy work tools, among other things.

Consultation round for new programme portfolio and programme syllabuses

The board discussed the consultation round regarding SLU’s future programme portfolio. Responses must be compiled and submitted next week. More information on the programme portfolio consultation round, including the current report.

The board also decided to support the programme board proposals for new programme syllabuses.

Doctoral education committee activities 2019

Fredrik Granberg, Secretary of the Doctoral education committee (FUN) talked about FUN activities in 2019. Among other things, he presented statistics that showed a reduction in the number of active doctoral students and a small increase of appointed doctoral students since 2015.

Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare and the Scientific Council for Animal Welfare

Charlotte Hallén Sandgren, Senior Adviser at De Laval lnternational AB was tasked by SLU's vice-chancellor to evaluate the Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare (Scaw) (2009–2019) and the Scientific Council for Animal Welfare (VRD) and its operations. She presented the evaluation, and the board commented on it.

Follow-up of SLU's future platforms

The VH faculty board will meet in May to compile/comment on the follow-up report related to the future platforms. The vice-chancellor's management group will process the report on 2 June.



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