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News from Head of Department, week 9

Published: 03 March 2020

The prefect letter is back!

It was great to ski and take some time off during the sports holiday, but it was also very fun to come back. This week I have discussed aspects of the Together project in various constellations. There have been constructive dialogues and I believe that the purpose is not only to investigate but also to start change work in the animal hospital activities.

This week, KV's contribution to the faculty's announcement of postdoctoral funds was announced and it was the application by Sara Hägglund that was chosen. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed that her application will be one of the two projects granted by the faculty. Good luck, Sara!

SLU follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Authority regarding the management of the Corona virus and today it was announced:

At the moment, the following precautionary measures apply:

  • All students and members of staff are advised not to travel to China or any other part of the world affected by the virus. Where the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against travel to other parts of the world affected by the virus, this also applies to SLU students and staff.
  • All visits from partners/guests should be cancelled if the visitors are travelling from affected areas.
  • For students and staff who have recently spent time in affected areas, the recommendation is to work/study at home for two weeks after returning home. Contact your immediate superior or the person in charge of your course/programme if you need further advice.

Any precautionary measures advised by SLU are based on the recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

We monitor the situation continuously and will update this information if recommendations change.

If you have recently visited an affected area and you develop symptoms like respiratory problems, fever or coughing, contact your health care provider by phone, or contact the health advice line (phone no 1177). You must also notify your immediate superior.

Make sure you follow the recommendation to practise good hand hygiene.

Students and staff concerned should keep themselves updated by checking these websites:

Members of staff should contact their immediate superior.
Students should contact a study adviser or their course/programme coordinator.

During week 10 I will be on site all days except Tuesday.

Have a nice weekend!