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Tram to Ultuna

Published: 20 February 2020
Campus Ultuna in Uppsala

Uppsala Municipality is planning two tram lines from Uppsala Central Station; one line to Ultuna and one to Gottsunda centrum as well as a cross line from Gottsunda centrum via Ultuna to a new train station by the railway south of Bergsbrunna.

The tram line in the campus area is designed to run up Ulls väg to the Allévägen crossing, where it will connect to the line from Gottsunda to Bergsbrunna. The aim is that the tram will run by 2029.

The planned tram line will make travel both to and from Uppsala Central Station, Arlanda and Stockholm shorter.

SLU is currently investigating the operational consequences of a tram line through campus. A tram line may involve disturbances, both in the form of vibrations as well as electric and magnetic fields. Inventory has been carried out, and the VHC, BioCentre and MVM buildings have submitted information regarding equipment or other operations that may be sensitive to tram disturbances. Various types of research/analysis equipment are primarily sensitive, but MRIs at the University Animal Hospital are also included in the investigation carried out by the NJ Faculty (supported by the faculty office).


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