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Information meeting on the land agreement – the “Uppsala package

Published: 28 February 2020

SLU's staff are invited to an information meeting about what has been said and shown at a recently arranged press conference regarding land agreement.

As part of the ’Uppsala package’, Uppsala municipality, SLU and Akademiska Hus have agreed on a proposal that balances several interests.

The land that Uppsala municipality will be buying is currently owned by the state and managed by SLU. The agreement covers land principally located northwest of the SLU campus. An area south of Nåntuna, east of the river Fyris, is also included. The agreement, in the form of a letter of intent, covers the purchase and exchange of land at a price of SEK 167 million.

The Uppsala package is an agreement where the state will partly fund two additional inter-city rail tracks between Stockholm and Uppsala as well as a light rail system in the south of the city, in exchange for the production of 33,000 new homes.

Information meeting

Date: Tuesday, March 3

Time: 9 am–10 am

Location: Loftets hörsal, Ultuna

Attending at the meeting is Maria Knutson-Wedel, Martin Melkersson and Torleif Härd.

The meeting is held in Swedish.

You don’t have to sign up .

More information will be provided continuously on the staff web.

The news about the agreement 

Here is the link to the article on the SLU webb (in Swedish)