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News from Head of Department, week 39

Published: 08 October 2020

Already Friday again!

Again, we have every reason to pay tribute to an Elin, but this week it's Elin Svonni! She passed her examination for Swedish Specialist Competence in Diseases in Horses this week. Congratulations!

The  KV-UDS 'collaboration has been in focus this week as well, among other things through a meeting with the clinical management group on Tuesday. A piece of good news is that UDS, in good collaboration with KV, has announced a position as an anesthesiologist. It will be an important piece of the puzzle in the hospital and a necessity for continued accreditation at EAEVE. Today we had a meeting with KV's management team where director of studies, Lina, reported that the teaching is generally working ok, but that it is still based on you being responsible and flexible. We also talked about the introduction of the journal system ProVet, where the work is in full swing and where all Wednesdays during the autumn are set aside for this. KV's representatives in the work are Sofia Ryberg, Desirée Karlsson and Lina Lindström. As questions arise concerning KV, Lina will contact the teachers / researchers concerned. Minutes from the meeting will be posted on the internal website during the next week.

This coming Wednesday, I have the pleasure of meeting the subject managers at KV, to talk about this year's salary revision, institutional strategy, capital tax, the Together project and maybe even a little about the new journal system.

The signals around Covid-19 right now are that the spread of infection is increasing, so I want to remind you not to go to work if you have disease symptoms. Also, don't forget to update yourself on SLU's Corona page from time to time.

During week 40, the undersigned will be on site Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

 I wish you all a very nice weekend!


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