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Opening ceremony for Vindelälven biosphere reserve

Published: 29 August 2019
An SLU exhibition tent with a person inside. Photo.

In June Unesco decided to approve the application for Vindeln River to become a biosphere reserve. For SLU this means that two of the research stations, Svartberget in Vindeln and Röbäcksdalen in Umeå, will be part of the new biosphere reserve.

On Saturday August 17 the grand opening of the new biosphere reserve for the Vindeln River took place and SLU were there. The decision to grant the new biosphere reserve was taken by Unesco already in mid-June and the opening ceremony was planned for the national river day on August 17.  SLU has two stations within the biosphere area; Svartberget in Vindeln and Röbäcksdalen in Umeå. Charlotta Erefur, head of Svartberget field station and Johanna Wallsten, SITES manager at Röbäcksdalen research station were present during the day to show some activities they have within the biosphere area, with emphasis on the participation in SITES - Swedish infrasturfture for ecosystem sciences. They also had an oral presentation where they presented SITES and what the infrastructure can offer researchers and others interested.

Three photgraphies on a wall. Photo.
The photographer Andreas Palmén is taking pictures of the work done at Svartberget research station as part of a big documentaion project. Some of his pictures were exhibited during the opening day. Photo Johanna Wallsten
Wide rapids with some greenery in front. Photo.
Vindelälven is one of very few rivers in Sweden that hasn't been altered for hydro power production. Photo Johanna Wallsten


Johanna Wallsten, Researcher/Head of Dept./SITES manager Röbäcksdalen
Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden, +46(0)90-786 8716