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Unit for Field-based Forest Research

The Unit for Field-based Forest Research is responsible for the research stations and long-term field experiments at the Faculty of Forest Science.

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Webinar: Urban forests 2

Urban forestry from a planning perspective hanna.weiber.post@slu.se Urban forestry is a new and still-developing research field. In this webinar series, arranged by SLU Urban Futures and Future

Snow records in Röbäcksdalen and Svartberget

The weather this winter around Umeå in northern Sweden has so far been erratic. Both November and December were unusually warm with little snow, but in January the temperature fell, it started to

17th Annual Krycklan Symposium

17th Annual Krycklan Symposium: "Drained wetlands – effects of continued forestry and restoration” kim.lindgren@slu.se On a yearly basis, all of the people involved in the Krycklan Catchment Study

Invigning av nytt biosfärsområdet

In June Unesco decided to approve the application for Vindeln River to become a biosphere reserve. For SLU this means that two of the research stations, Svartberget in Vindeln and Röbäcksdalen in

Carl Vigren

Doctoral student at the Dept. for Forest Ecology and Management Course instructor in the course: Fish and Wildlife Census Techniques. (2018,2019,2020,2021) PBL-module leader in the course: Forest

Henrik Böhlenius

Henrik Böhlenius is an external collaboration specialist at SLU with poplar plantations as his research area. There are approximately 400 000 ha agricultural land that can be used without