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The SLU University Library’s web modules in Canvas on general competences for degree projects

Published: 14 February 2019

Teachers at SLU are now able to integrate the SLU University Library’s web modules on general competences for degree projects into your own course in Canvas! The web modules are also available on the SLU University Library’s web, both in Swedish and English.

The web modules are primarily intended to help support students working on their independent degree projects and are consequently designed with the intended learning outcomes for degree projects for undergraduate and advanced levels in mind. The modules consist of short films, and in most cases, there are quizzes to increase the student’s reflection and learning. The modules can of course also be used in other courses, feel free to use them!

Integrating web modules into courses

The web modules are in SLU’s new learning platform Canvas. That makes it possible for you as a teacher to import the modules into specific course pages in Canvas. The modules are also openly available without login via the library’s web. Because of this, students are able to go back to the material and use the resources in other courses as well.
We recommend that you import the modules into your own course because then you can see the results of the quizzes and also you have everything connected in the same course.

The modules are available in both Swedish and English, and are linked from the library’s website under “Write and cite”. You can choose to integrate all modules or just specific modules. The direct links are as follows: (Swedish) (English)

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