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The SLU University Library works with and develops scientific communication and supports research and learning in collaboration with researchers, students and employees at SLU.

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Meet the author: Maria Maunsbach

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Lucky Lada och jag is a novel about love: loving your friends, your mother, the place where you grew up, and finally maybe even the person you were. Straight from Scania,

Culture@Campus: Close-up magic in Uppsala

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Watch a thrilling magic show at lunch time! We’re visited by a professional illusionist who treats us to his most amazing tricks!  The number of seats is limited, so make

Knitting Café in Uppsala

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Do you enjoy knitting or would you like to learn? Does the idea of hanging out with other knitters appeal to you? Then join us for the SLU Library’s Knitting Café, led by

Worth knowing: Ants - common, dangerous and useful

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Welcome to a Worth Knowing lecture on ants – the world’s most common organisms! Christer Björkman and Michelle Nordkvist from the Department Ecology gives a lecture on

Climate book club

Climate book club in Swedish bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se A book club where we read Emilia Arvidsson’s book Klimatglädje and discuss the possibilities and difficulties of reducing our climate impact.

Two new book clubs in Uppsala!

The SLU University library in Uppsala invites staff and students at SLU to two book clubs. The books and meetings are in Swedish. More information about the book clubs are available on the Swedish

Fiction book club in Uppsala

bib-webbredaktion@slu.se Book club where we read fiction in Swedish. For more information, see the Swedish version of this page. Uppsala Language: Swedish SLU University Library library@slu.se,

Valentine´s Day Cards (Uppsala)

BIB-WEBBREDAKTIONEN@SLU.SE Take a break from your studies or work and create a beautiful card for someone you like (be it friend or lover). We’ll provide pens, paper, and other materials all day

Movie screening Uppsala

Movie screening in Uppsala with soup and discussion: "Talking union, talking climate" bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se isiting professor and former union electrician Vivian Price presents her new short

Culture@Campus in Uppsala: Try the belly dance raqs sharqi!

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Come to Ulls hus and try the belly dance raqs sharqi on your lunch break! Photo: HH Studio No knowledge of dancing is required, but please wear something you can move

Culture@Campus: Mario Kart tournament in Uppsala

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Are you a Mario Kart star? Sign up for our tournament and prove it! You’ll be competing for some sweet prices – and bragging rights of course! Photo: Ravi Palwe. The

PhD course information retrieval

PhD course: Information retrieval and methods for scientific communication bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se This course will give you valuable skills and insights that will make your work easier and more