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SLU reads!

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Do you need a break from your studies, or do you want to meet new friends at SLU? Welcome to join our book club where we together discuss fiction in a social and casual

Wort knowing Ultuna

Worth knowing: the dog, man's best friend marten.granert@slu.se On October 21, the lecture series Worth Knowing kicks off with live lectures from SLU Uppsala. The serie consists of 3 occasions.

Worth knowing-Tomas Brodin

Worth knowing: A medicated world – ecological effects of pharmaceuticals in the environment vartattveta.umea@slu.se Human consumption of pharmaceuticals has increased rapidly during the last

New Canvas guide develops your study strategies!

In the SLU University Library’s Canvas guide “Develop your study strategies” you can find tips on how to study more smart(er). In the guide, you will also learn more about apps and tools to make

Värt att veta-SLU Soil moisture map

Worth knowing - Combining LIDAR-data and AI methods to improve the mapping of Sweden vartattveta.umea@slu.se With satellite maps and Google Maps in almost every phone, it's easy to think we have

Förnyade anslag för SND

The Swedish National Data Service (SND) has been awarded funding for an additional grant period, 2023–2026, from the Swedish Research Council’s call Grant for research infrastructure of national

Worth knowing - Forest waters

Worth knowing - Forest waters and global impact vartattveta.umea@slu.se In this lecture, Hjalmar Laudon, professor at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management, will talk about how climate

PhD course: Information retrieval and methods for scientific communication(2)

bib-webbredaktionen@slu,se This course will give you valuable skills and insights that will make your work easier and more effective. The course takes a broad approach to information retrieval and

Panel Picture a scientist

Panel discussion on ”Picture a scientist” bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Welcome to a digital panel discussion on the movie ”Picture a scientist” with Jane Willenbring, Stina Powell, Elias Andersson,

Försnack inför panel Picture a scientist

Meet Jane Willenbring from ”Picture a scientist”! bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se All SLU students are welcome to a digital meeting with Jane Willenbring, one of the three featured scientists in the

Worth knowing - Lenka Kuglerova

Worth knowing - Cutting edge: How to manage stream-side forests during harvest operations? vartattveta.umea@slu.se Contemporary practises of riparian forest management in Sweden do not protect

Worth knowing - History of nature conservation

Worth knowing - A talk about the history of nature conservation vartattveta.umea@slu.se For a long time, the role of nature conservation in forestry has been subject to discussions in education,