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Last changed: 10 April 2024

The leadership development unit GHAL (the group for sustainable leadership in the academy) is for you who are a manager / leader within SLU and we offer courses in leadership and leadership is your development as a manager and leader.


As a manager and leader, you are formally appointed by the employer to coordinate and lead the business. At SLU, this means that you must lead knowledge-intensive activities at a time when the rate of change is high. We often need to draw the map while moving in the terrain.

Our room for maneuver is both made possible and limited by how we are organized and financed. In other words, we need to be innovative within the framework of existing resources, laws and regulations, but outside existing thought structures / thought models.

GHAL has its physical location at Ultuna but operates everywhere where SLU is located! Do not hesitate to get in touch, no matter where in the country you are. We are happy to take care of you both physically and digitally. Questions regarding our courses are sent to, while other questions regarding leadership support can be taken directly with one of the leadership developers below.


Staff at GHAL:


Birgitta Hellmark Lindgren,
Manager, leadership developer, Tel: +46 18-67 20, Profile at LinkedIn

Markus Wikborg,
Leadership developer, Tel: +46 18-67 13, Profile at LinkedIn

David Beskow,
Leadership developer, Tel: +46 18-67 19, Profile at LinkedIn


For questions

Questions regarding the courses are sent to

The courses are at cost price for the participants. 

You can find us here:

Postal address: The Division of Human Resources, Box 7087, 750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Almas allé 8 (floor 4, Ulls hus)