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Press releases

Here we present press releases sent from SLU.

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Researchers identify strong biases in our understanding of how megaherbivores affect earth system functioning

The earth's megaherbivores, large plant-eating mammals weighing at least a ton as an adult, are severely endangered. What happens if they disappear? We do not fully know, because our knowledge of how

SLU researchers' methods for measuring food waste are highlighted at the UN summit

On 23 September, the UN Food Systems Summit meeting was held, aiming to highlight and advance the urgent need of global transformation of the food systems. One of Sweden's official contributions to

Medals for Distinguished Service to Gren, Magnusson and Lundqvist

SLU annually awards three Medals for Distinguished Service. This year, the Great Medal for Distinguished Service is awarded to Professor Ing-Marie Gren. The smaller gold medal is awarded to Professor

Old floras reveal shifts in the flowering season in response to a warming climate

SLU researcher Alistair Auffret discovered a new way to track plant responses to climate change. Delving into floras and wildflower guides from the late 1700 until 2018, he could show how species are

Biodiversity in watercourses is better monitored with environmental DNA

Studies of macroinvertebrate fauna are an important part of environmental monitoring of watercourses. Today, samples are often taken using a net, followed by a manual examination of the diversity of

Genetically modified plant acquires more organic nitrogen from agricultural soil

The model plant thale cress acquires organic nitrogen from the soil, although its roots do not form symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi. This is shown in a study, led by SLU researchers. They also show

A more sustainable food future with the help of art, design and gastronomy

What can more traditional research entities learn from the design, arts and gastronomy communities about promoting and facilitating food system change and a transition to a more sustainable food

Online lectures by 15 new professors in Uppsala and Umeå

On 28–29 April, 15 new SLU professors will give short, inspiring popular science presentations. The lectures will cover topics such as technology for safe nutrient recycling, sustainability,

STINT ranking

STINT, the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, annually presents an Index showing the degree of internationalisation at Higher Education Institutions in

Rovfisk ger friska vikar

Along parts of the Baltic Sea coast, stocks of large predatory fish such as perch, pike and cod have decreased considerably in recent decades. Now, new results from a major ecosystem study show that

SLU focuses on the value of water

Today, March 22, is the World Water Day, which this year has an extra focus on how we value water and its provision of ecosystem services. At SLU, we pay a little extra attention to water issues and

A planetary inventory of life

Welcome to this seminar by Otso Ovaskainen, professor at University of Helsinki. The full title of the seminar is planetary inventory of life – a new synthesis built on big data combined with novel