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Vera Sadovska

Vera Sadovska is a PhD student at the Department of People and Society. Her research focus is on sustainable business models in the agri-food sector and on the creation of sustainable business value. She has also conducted research on how education in the field of agriculture and food can be transformed to better fit future needs, and what role this transformation plays in promoting sustainable food systems.


Vera's teaching experience includes participation in such courses as Environmental Economics and Management, master’s level, 15ECTS;Project management and process facilitation, master’s level, 15ECTS; Agroecology basics, master’s level, 15ECTS; Project management for innovation in sustainable food systems, master’s level 15ECTS.

Vera has co-supervised master's theses at SLU, Sweden and Makerere University, Uganda.

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed articles

[1] Sadovska, V., Ekelund Axelson, L. and Mark-Herbert, C., 2020. Reviewing value creation in agriculture—A conceptual analysis and a new framework. Sustainability, 12(12), p.5021.
[2] Fernqvist, F., Sadovska, V. and Langendahl, P.A., 2022. Sustainable value creation–a farm case on business model innovation. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 25(4), pp.543-554.
[3] Barrios Latorre, S.A., Sadovska, V. and Chongtham, I.R., 2023. Perspectives on agroecological transition: the case of Guachetá municipality, Colombia. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, pp.1-31.


Reports and factsheets

[4] Fernqvist, F., Karlsson, O. and Sadovska, V., 2018. Mervärden som konkurrensmedel– affärsmodeller och kompetenser för framgångsrika mervärdesstrategier, Rapport 2018:23, (, Jordbruksverket.
[5] Sadovska, V., Mark-Herbert, C., Ferguson, R. and Ekelund Axelson, L., 2019. Marknadsföra Mer(-) värden. LTV-fakultetens faktablad 2019:9,
[6] Sadovska, V., 2022. Practice Abstract #95: Challenges with talent acquisition expressed by farmers. Nextfood project.