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Tomas Pärt

Tomas Pärt
I work mainly with populations and communities of birds in agricultural landscapes, but sometimes I include plants, insects and mammals as well. I view basic science as an important part of my generally more applied research paths. I am a professor in Landscape Ecology and the head of the Unit of Landscape and Population Ecology. Right now we are about 16 souls devoted to science.


I work mainly with questions concerning landscape effects on population and biodiversity dynamics. Another recent project is about wetland restorations and their effects on bird diversity. More than 100 million SEK has been put into wetland creation and restoration actions but we still have no evaluations on whether the goals are reached. A third major path concerns a longterm study (25 yrs) of a population of northern wheatears in the farmland SE Uppsala, with high quality pedigree data on demography and habitat choice and long-term data on landuse changes. A fourth path follows my previous diggings into life history evolution, dispersal and habitat selection processes.


Some questions:

Landscape Ecology

How important is agricultural intensity for habitat-specific alpha, beta and gamma diversity in agricultural landscapes?

Which other factors drive spatial and temporal variation of biodversity in the farmland?

Wetland restorations

Which landscape and local factors affect restoration effects on wetland bird communities and how should restoration strategies take into account landscape effects when prioritising wetlands?

Are certain restoration measures in conflict with farming activities through increased attraction of large numbers of geese, swans and cranes?

Evolution, demography and population growth rates

Do warmer springs affect selection for early breeding, annual demographic rates and habitat-specific population growth rates?

Can the population cope with a changed agricultural landscape and changed predation rates when the climate changes?


PhDs, postdocs, researchers and collaborations

PhDs: Main supervisor for a new PhDstudent starting soon (wetland restorations) and assistant supervisor for Teresa Montras Janer (wetlands and crop damage by large grazing birds).

Postdocs: Right now I have the following postdocs: Michal Zmihorski (farmland, wetlands), Alejandro Ruete (wetlands), Marianne Pasanen Mortensen  and a new postdoc starting soon (wheatears). Others in the group at the unit are: Matthew Hiron, Jonas Josefsson, Jonas Knape, Debora Arlt, Pär Forslund Matt Low and Sönke Eggers.

Yet other collaborators are:  Åke Berg (Center for Biodiversity , SLU) Blandine Doligez (Univ. Lyon), Anna Qvarnström (dispersal flycatchers, EBC; Uppsala Univ.), and to some extent also with e.g. Suzanna Rosin Dorota Kotowska , Piotr Skórka and Piotr Tryjanowski all in Poland.

Selected publications

All publications at Reasearchgate

Josefsson J, Lokhorst AM, Pärt T, Berg Å & Eggers S. (in press). Effects of a coordinated farmland bird conservation project on farmers intentions to implement nature conservation practices – evidence from the Swedish Volunteer & Farmer Alliance. Journal of Environmental Management (in press)

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Professor at the Department of Ecology; NJ, Landscape Ecology Unit
Telephone: +4618672704
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala