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Sezer Olivia Kaya

Sezer Olivia Kaya
PhD Student in Forest Pathology


Sezer Olivia Kaya is a PhD student in the Forest Pathology research group at Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre since 2022. Her research focuses on the current and prospective biotic threats on broadleaved tree species in Sweden.


-        Field studies and laboratory analysis to investigate how do root rot (Heterobasidion annosum) infected birch stumps contribute to secondary spread on roots

-        Analysing fungal communities in sapwood and heartwood contributing to decay in aspen, hybrid aspen and poplar

-        Assessing the susceptibility of European birch to Agrilus Anxius (Bronze Birch Borer), validating the portable early detection tool based on loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) of DNA in birch garden trials


Sezer was graduated from Biology department in Turkey, and completed her MSc at the University of Aberdeen in the UK. The title of her MSc dissertation was Morphological and Molecular Characterisation of Neonectria fuckeliana on spruce in Great Britain.


-        Main supervisor: Michelle Cleary

-        Assistant supervisors: Henrik Böhlenius, Ira Matsiakh, Tod Ramsfield