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Pedro Obregon Santander

Pedro Obregon Santander
PhD student at the Department of Forest Economics.


I have a background in Socioeconomics and Environmental Economics. 

Originally from Venezuela, I have earned various academic degrees in Venezuela, Germany, and Sweden.



I have taken an active role in teaching undergraduate-level courses such as "Forest Economics," "Swedish Forest Policy," and "International Forest Policy" throughout the 2022/2023 academic period. I am also scheduled to offer further assistance in these same courses during the Spring of 2024.


My doctoral research is about the utilization of valuation techniques for non-market amenities. Presently, I am focused on examining uneven-aged forest management approaches applied within urban forests, as well as studying the behaviors exhibited by forest owners and visitors

Additional research domains investigate the complexities surrounding policy implementation, stemming from governance concerns associated with Urban Green Spaces (UGS).



Msc. Environmental Economics (Specialization: Economics), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden.

B.A. Socioeconomics (Specialization: Economics), Hamburg University, Germany.



Camilla Widmark, Main Supervisor.

Adan Martinez , Co-supervisor.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Forest Economics
Postal address:
Inst för skogsekonomi
90183 UMEÅ
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd 17, Umeå