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Rural development

Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas.

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Célina Marie Scülfort

celina.marie.sculfort@slu.se Doctoral Student at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Rural Development; researching on land conflicts and secondary forests in indigenous

Soil health Living Labs

markmiljo-webb@slu.se How can Sweden contribute to creating Living Labs with a focus on soil health to meet regional challenges? Welcome on 24 April to find partners and learn about the EU's Mission

Carl-Gustaf Thulin

carl-gustaf.thulin@slu.se Researcher, Department of Animal Biosciences Researcher (Associate Professor) at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. Focus on evolutionary genetics,

Anneli Adler

anneli.adler@slu.se I am a researcher in plant ecology. My research focuses on innovative methods to increase the long-term sustainability of agroecosystems. One of the methods for increasing the

Geovana Mercado

geovana.mercado@slu.se I am a Postdoctoral researcher analysing the different organizational structures through which government and citizens relate to nature. I am interested in organisational and

Carina Keskitalo

carina.keskitalo@slu.se I work 20% at the Landscape Studies subject area at the Department of Forest Resource Management at SLU Umeå, and have my main employment as Professor of Political Science at

Multiple benefits in locally managed tropical forest commons

Research published in Nature Climate Change, with sites in 15 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, shows that forests where rural and Indigenous peoples have formal control and substantive

Pedro Obregon Santander

pedro.obregon.santander@slu.se PhD student at the Department of Forest Economics. I have a background in Socioeconomics and Environmental Economics.  Originally from Venezuela, I have earned

DT annual meeting

Finally the time came, when the whole Drylands Transform team could meet in real life for the first time during the project that started in 2020. On 7th to 11th of November the second annual meeting

Wind power opportunities and challenges mapped in new report

In a recent research report, scientists have conducted an analysis shedding light on the state of wind power today and scenarios for large-scale expansion. The conclusions emphasize the need to base

Visit by EU ministers

Under a clear blue sky, SLU received 150 guests at Lövsta agricultural research consisting of the EU's agriculture and fisheries ministers and the Special Agricultural Committee (SJK). SLU's

Aquatic foods crucial for sustainable, nutritious and equitable food

To elevate the profile of aquatic food systems, and the millions of small-scale actors involved in these systems supporting healthy people and planet, researchers at SLU and WorldFish collaborated to