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Oleksiy Guzhva

Oleksiy Guzhva
My research area is within innovation and new technological solutions for agriculture (sensor technology, computer vision, IoT and digitalised agriculture, smart buildings).


I am teaching animal physiology, animal health and welfare, biosecurity and production management in our animal-related courses, e.g. Animal Production II, for Lantmästareprogrammet.

I am also a course leader for BI1219 Animal Production Systems and Management, 15 credits course.


Ongoing projects:

1. SmartResilience

2. InnoBroilerImage

3. Digital supervision on pasture

4. Weigh and measure dairy cows with your mobile phone 


Finished projects (2018-2019):

1. “Digital”-ised pig production: are we there yet and what do we need to advance? 

Project aims:

- Provide information and improve knowledge about data-related infrastructure on farm-level and opportunities for data-exchange between different parties; farmers, researchers, advisors, veterinarians;

- Make the first steps in development towards a farmer-oriented smartphone application for easier production management.

To fulfil project aims, we will survey daily workflow, data-related routines and actual need for digitalization among farmers, advisors and veterinarians. Selected pig farmers will be followed in their daily work to collect detailed information, mapping specific needs of pig farmers and making a first attempt at designing a mobile application for data management and presentation.

The pig production in Skåne represents roughly one-third of all pig production in Sweden, nearly 400.000 pigs of 1.3 million in total.


I am a veterinarian (DVM), MSc in animal science with a focus on dairy production and welfare, PhD in veterinary medicine with a focus on sensor technology for animal production (PLF).



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