CV page

Michael Pujari-Palmer

In the clinical sciences we are developing new cadaver models to evaluate ceramics and tissue adhesives to help bone and joint problems, in animals and man.


I am a Post-Doc in translational materials and animal models research. 


While I am not currently teaching, I often assist with biomaterials and molecular biology related coursework.


My research is focused on developing cadaver models, to test new biomaterials in ways that minimize or replace animal testing. I work mainly with ceramic materials (bioceramics) to replace injured bone, and tissue adhesives for bone and cartilage. My work involves the synthesis of raw materials (powders), formulation testing and design of new ceramics/adhesives, developing new cadaver test models and biomechanical testing. My current projects are development of a biomechanical test model in canine tarsal joints, using a tissue adhesive for joint arthrodesis, and cartilage repair.



I am a cell biologist, and biomaterials researcher interested in how tissues respond to new materials. I obtained a bachelor and master degree in the USA, an engineering PhD in bone tissue biomaterials (bioceramics) from Uppsala University, and now work at SLU on cadaver (tissue) models, investigating how biomaterials like ceramics and tissue glues, can be used to repair bone, joints, cartilage, and tissues.