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Johan Westin

Johan Westin
More than 30 years experience of forest research at Skogforsk, Tree breeder, deputy program manager and station manager. PhD in Plant physiology 2000 in the area between tree physiology and quantitative genetics. Since Sept 2020 at SLU, Unit for field-based forest research/ Manager Vindeln Experimental Forests.


From 1988 until 2020 employed at Skogforsk: Main research area breeding of Norway spruce. Experience EU projects like GenTre, B4EST. 2017-2020 Deputy program manager and station manager at Sävar. PhD in Plant physiology at SLU 2000: Growth rhythm and frost hardiness dynamics in Norway spruce. Between 2006-2012 Basic Courses in Education, part 1-2, (3), Course in Doctoral Supervision. Since September 2020 at SLU, Experiment Group Leader at Unit for field-based forest research, Manager Vindeln Experimental Forests.


Born June 3, 1960, Umeå, Sweden, Swedish citizen
Married with Ingrid Löfbom, Swedish citizen, 2 children, born 1997 and 1999
1986 MSc in Forestry (Forest Engineering), SLU, Sweden 
2000 PhD in Plant physiology, SLU, Sweden. Growth rhythm and frost hardiness dynamics in Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.)
Professional experience:
1987, Int. ForestSearch Ltd, Prince Albert, Sask., Canada
1988–Tree Breeder, Inst. for Tree Improvement/Skogforsk (from 1992), 
2017-2018 Deputy Manager, Tree breeding program, Skogforsk
2019 Deputy Manager Tree breeding program & Station Manager Sävar, Skogforsk  
2020 - Aug 31, 2020 Deputy Manager Tree breeding program, Skogforsk
Sept 1, 2020 - , Experiment Group Leader/ Manager Vindeln Experimental Forests


Co-supervisor PhD student Lundströmer, Jenny, defence 2021 


Experiment Group Leader at the Unit for Field-based Forest Research; Vindeln, joint staff
Telephone: +46703469459
Postal address:
Vindelns försöksparker
Visiting address: Svartbergets fältforskningsstation, Vindeln