CV page

Jenny Kreuger


Director of SLU Centre for Chemical Pesticides (50%)

Head of the Organic Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology Section, Dept. Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, SLU (50%)


Current research interests involve the fate and behaviour of organic risk substances in the environment, which includes studies of transport pathways of pesticides in soil and water at different scales. Special emphasis during recent years has been on the catchment scale. Work is carried out in close co-operation with research colleagues specialising in different disciplines relating to environmental aspects of pesticides (e.g. ecotoxicology, modelling, analytical chemistry). Our goal is to obtain the best possible knowledge in this field and to contribute to minimise possible adverse effects while using chemical pesticides within agriculture and other sectors of society.

Environmental analysis

Co-ordinator of the Swedish national environmental monitoring programme for pesticides (the basis for risk assessment, modelling work, extension services, decision making) by commission of the SEPA

National environmental monitoring of pesticides


The Centre for Chemical Pesticides (CKB) is a partnership forum within the area of chemical pesticides for researchers at SLU and interested parties outside of the university. A strong focus of CKB has  been collaboration with a wide range of different stakeholders in Sweden and to provide science based knowledge regarding pesticides.


2019 Associate professor in Environmental analysis, Dept. Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, SLU, Uppsala.

1999 PhD in Water Quality Management, Dept. Soil Sciences, SLU, Uppsala.

1983 MSc in agriculture (soil/plant sciences), SLU, Uppsala

Selected publications

* Boye, K., Lindström, B., Boström, G. & Kreuger, J. 2019. Long-term data from the Swedish national environmental monitoring program of pesticides in surface waters. Journal of Environmental Quality 48, 1109-1119. DOI:10.2134/jeq2019.02.0056

* Lundqvist, J., von Brömssen, C., Rosenmai, A.K., Ohlsson, Å., Le Godec, T., Jonsson, O., Kreuger, J. & Oskarsson. A.  2019. Assessment of pesticides in surface water samples from Swedish agricultural areas by integrated bioanalysis and chemical analysis. Environmental Sciences Europe 31:53. DOI:

* Jonsson, O., Paulsson, E. & Kreuger, J. 2019. TIMFIE sampler – a new time-integrating, active, low-tech sampling device for quantitative monitoring of pesticides in whole water. Environmental Science & Technology 53, 279-286. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.8b02966

* Ahrens, L., Daneshvar, A., Lau, A.E. & Kreuger, J. 2018. Concentrations, fluxes and field calibration of passive water samplers for pesticides and hazard-based risk assessment. Science of the Total Environment 637-638, 835-843.
* Sandin, M., Piikki, K., Jarvis, N., Larsbo, M., Bishop. K. & Kreuger, J. 2018. Spatial and temporal patterns of pesticide concentrations in streamflow, drainage and runoff in a small Swedish agricultural catchment. Science of the Total Environment 610-611, 623-634.
* Münze, R., Hannemann, C., Orlinskiy, P., Gunold, R., Paschke, A., Foit, K., Becker, J., Kaske, O., Paulsson, E., Peterson, M., Jernstedt, H., Kreuger, J., Schüürmann, G. & Liess, M. 2017. Pesticides from wastewater treatment plants effluents affect invertebrate communities. Science of the Total Environment 599-600, 387-399.
* Gustavsson, M., Kreuger, J., Bundschuh, M. & Backhaus, T. 2017. Pesticide mixtures in the Swedish streams: environmental risks, contributions of individual compounds and consequences of single-substance oriented mitigation. Science of the Total Environment 598, 973-983.