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Iryna Matsiakh

Iryna Matsiakh
I am a Ukrainian born in a city that smells freedom, coffee, and chocolate. I love mountains and trees and would like to spend my life discovering nature and be helpful in forest protection.


A postdoc in Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Alnarp, Sweden (2018; 2021);

Assistant Professor at the Forestry Department, the Ukrainian National Forestry University;

Apr 2019 –present: International expert (Forest protection division, national Forestry Agency of Georgia)

Associate Editor for the national journal "Forestry, Forest, Paper and Woodworking Industry" (NLTU, Ukraine)


My teaching experience started in 2008 and it covers laboratory courses "Forest Entomology" and "Forest Phytopathology" for bachelors in "Forestry"; training practice "Forest Protection", laboratory course "Forest Entomology" for bachelors in "Horticulture"; laboratory course "Entomology" for bachelors in "Ecology"; laboratory course "Plant Protection"  and since 2018 course "Integrated protection of garden and park trees" for master’s students of the specialty "Garden and park economy".

2020-2021: for master’s students in "Horticulture" laboratory course "Integrated protection of horticultural plants" 

In October 2017, I had 8 lectures as a part of the teaching Program for international academic mobility Erasmus+ (direction KA1), Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estonia. Forest Pathology, master course. 


My research range is related to forest pathology (tree diseases), partly forest entomology, and forest protection (prevention and control of tree diseases). Research activities are mostly concentrated on epidemiology, biological and ecological features of tree pathogens, their interactions with tree-hosts. I am curious about studying invasive pests and diseases in the forests and green areas, to learn new diagnostic tools for the detection and investigation of forest tree diseases (molecular techniques) with practical activities in the field (using biological control treatment) in order to ensure the sustainable development of forests for future generations. I am also in an ideal position to transfer the knowledge related to plant protection to students and forestry specialists. 

I have provided services and expert advice related to forest health in the form of courses for forestry specialists and consultation services to forest workers and quarantine personnel informal training, seminars, and on-site visits to the forest sector and other relevant stakeholders. 

I am responsible for practical training for foresters, NGOs, the local community, and interested stakeholders regarding phytosanitary conditions in chestnut forests affected by chestnut blight with particular emphasis on sanitary cuttings in the Zestaponi region (Georgia). 


Many European forestry Universities and institutions, forestry enterprises in Ukraine and Georgia, quarantine services in Ukraine, CNF, UNDP, IUCN, EPPO, EMN, COST program.


2013, Ph.D. Forestry, the Ukrainian National Forestry University. Discipline/Scientific Field: forestry, forest plant pathology

1997-2002: Student, the Ukrainian National Forestry University (Degree: specialist in forestry and horticulture)


Currently, I am the main supervisor of 1 Master's student in Ukraine. Previously I have supervised 16 undergraduate students as the main supervisor and co-supervisor (6 Masters and 10 Bachelor) and 1 internship student on short-term research stay (Lublin University, Poland) as the main supervisor.

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Forest Pathology Lab in Alnarp