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Gun Lidestav

Gun Lidestav


I have a background in forestry and a great interest in the social and cultural aspects of how we, as individuals and society, look at the forest and its use. Therefore, during my education to Master in Forestry (1983 exam), in my PhD studies (thesis 1994), and subsequent research, I devoted myself to studying various aspects of forest use, including how ownership and management change over time. In particular, I have been interested in family forestry and the forestry managed jointly, that is, common forests and municipal forests. In my research, I often apply a gender perspective, which also have contributed to a range of national and international engagements.

Commitments and assignments
Since 2000, I am engaged in IUFRO, first as coordinator for the 6.08.01 Gender Research in Forestry Working Party and since 2010 as the coordinator of the 6.08 Gender and Forestry Research Group. Between 2004 and 2006, I led a team of specialists on Gender and Forestry on behalf of FAO / ECE / ILO, and I have also participate as a gender specialist in various international R & D programs / projects (Ethiopia, Philippines, Nicaragua, EU). Nationally, I have primarily been involved in various gender equality initiatives, both government-initiated and initiated by the forest sector, e.g. within the framework of the National Gender Equality Strategy for the Forestry Sector and the SLU's gender equality work.

Since 2001 I have been Associate Professor in forest management and since 2006 also a Associate Professor in forest technology. In 2013, I became an Adjunct Professor at the School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan. Within SLU and its Faculty of Forest Sciences, I have been engaged as a faculty member for three periods (2004 - 2006, 2007-2009, 2013-2015). Currently, I am part of SLU's Excellence Teacher's Committee (NEX). I’m also member of the editorial boards of Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, and Small-Scale Forestry.

Research leadership
My research position is since 2006 placed at the Department of Forest Resource Management, where I lead a research group in the field of Landscape studies (former Forest in rural studies). Over the years I have led a number of research projects whereof the most significant are:


Female forest owners management tradition, attitudes and decision-making. 1996-2000 SJFR

Pilot study on work satisfaction among men and women with forestry education. 1998 RALF

Degenderisation of forestry work and professions. 2000-2001 Funded by RALF/VINNOVA  How can a producer’s cooperative help the members to achive their goals in a “buyers market”? (2003-2007 Funded by SLF and Brattåsstiftelsen)

Gender perspective on working conditions an technology among self employed forest owners. 2003-2006 Funded by CMF (Center of Environmental Research, Umeå) Local development based on tradition and new actions in family forests: hinders and opportunities. January 2008-2010 FORMAS


Doing gender (in) equality in family farming. (2010-2013 December Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning


Baltic Landscape in change – innovative approaches towards sustainable forested landscapes”   Baltic Sea Region Program November 2011 – March 2014 (EU)  31 million SEK

Planning for rural-urban dynamics: living and acting at several places.  WP1 leader. (2012 - 2017, FORMAS)

COST ACTION FP1201 (FACESMAP) “Forest Land Ownership Changes in Europe: Significance for Management and  Policy, WP1 leader (2012-2016, EU)

Prosperous Forest – Diversification through Inclusion and Specialization (2018 -2020,  Botnia - Atlantica programme, EU)

ValueConnect. Tandem Forest Values. (2018-2019, KSLA)



I have been supervising 6 PhD students to their sucessfull exam and 2 students to a licentiate degree. In addition I have been co-supervising 3 PhD students and 1 licentiate student. At present I am the main supervisor for 2 doctoral students and also co-supervising 2 PhD students at other universities than SLU.

I have been supervising 13 masterstudenter to their exam and 3 more are ongoing. 

Selected publications

Andersson, E., Johansson, M., Lidestav, G. & Lindberg, M. (2018) Constituting gender and gender equality through policy: the political of gender mainstreaming in the Swedish forest industry, Equality, diversity and inclusion: An international journal (Accepted).


Ficko, A.,  Lidestav, G., Ní Dhubháin, A., Karppinen, H.,  Zivojinovic, I. and Westin, K. (2017). European private forest owner typologies: A review of methods and use. Forest Policy and Economics.


Umaerus, P Högvall Nordin, M. and Lidestav, G.  (2018) Do female forest owners think and act “greener”? Forest Policy and Economics.


Carlsson, J., Lidestav, G., Bjärstig, T., Svensson, J and Nordström, E-M. (2017) Opportunities for Integrated Landscape Planning – the Broker, the Arena, the Tool.  LANDSCAPE ONLINE 55:1-20 (2017), DOI 10.3097/LO.201755


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Forest Policy and Economics  (2016), pp. 38-44.


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Häggqvist, P., Berg Lejon, S. and Lidestav, G. 2010. Forest days as an educational method in Swedish family forestry. Scan. J. For. Res. 25:Suppl No.9 25-32



Researcher at the Department of Forest Resource Management; Division of Forest Resource Analysis
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