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Dianne Staal Wästerlund

Dianne Staal Wästerlund
I am a senior lecturer and teach organisation and leadership as well as ergonomics in the Forest Science programme. My research concerns the development/changes in the private forestry sector in Sweden, with special focus to the services forest owners consume and inquire. I am head of the Forest Planning Division as well as environmental coordinator for SLU Umeå


I teach in several courses in the Forest Science programme. I am course leader for the course Forestry from an organizational theory related perspective, a 15 credits' course that is given in the 5th year of the programme. The students build an understanding of organizational theories and analyse how organizations in the Swedish forestry sector have chosen to organize themselves.

My research has been focussed on the loyalty of forest owners towards their business partners in the forest sector and the owners' attitude towards the quality of the services that they buy from forestry organizations. I also analysed what factors seem to explain the interest of adult offspring to forest owners to take over their parents' forest property. This research is interesting for the future development of the private forestry sector.

My PhD work concerned heat stress in forestry work. Forestry work is physically demanding work especially in tropical countries where manual working methods still dominate. The body produces a lot of heat during this type of work which can be difficult to dissipate in a warm climate. The heat can also become an occupational hazard when using protective equipment.

I am head of the Forest Planning division and also function as the environmental coordinator for SLU in Umeå


I teach in the following courses:

Forestry from an organizational theory related perspective (15 credits)

Marketing and organisation - management of bioresources (7,5 credits)

Industrial Wood Supply Strategy - part on tactical planning

Practical Forestry - part on ergonomics and rule technique 


Originaly I come from the Netherlands and have my master degree from Wageningen University

Before I started my career at SLU I worked as an associate forestry expert at the International Labour organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland 


I have been deputy supervisor in the following doctoral thesis projects:

Knowledge in the forest planning process

Forest owners' associations in a changing society

Normally I supervise several students working on their MSc thesis every year. 

Selected publications

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Senior Lecturer at the Department of Forest Resource Management; Division of Forest Planning, joint staff
Telephone: +46907868450
Postal address:
Institutionen för skoglig resurshushållning
Avdelningen för skoglig planering
901 83 Umeå
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd, Umeå