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Cecilia Hammenhag

Cecilia Hammenhag
Geneticist in genomics-assisted plant breeding


I am currently linked to several projects:

 1) Domestication of a novel oil seed crop for norhern Sweden.  A long-term objective to domesticate a new oilseed crop called field cress (Lepidium campestre) to be used for biofuel and feed. Could eventually be transformed into a food oil crop. 

Lantbruksnytt 2019

2) Ärtan - garantin för framtidens gröna protein. Coordinator for this SLU Grogrund project in collaboration with Lantmännen, Foodhills, Kalmar-Ölandsträdgårdsprodukter and Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter. With this project we aim for developing more drought and water congestion tolerated pea cultivars which are high-yielding under Swedish conditions and is a dependant source of raw material for different food applications. 

Lantbruksnytt 2021

3) Genomisk selektion i rödklöver (Trifolium pratense L.) Another SLU Grogrund funded project which aims to develop and implement genomic selection for the red clover breeding program at Lantmännen. Collaborations with LRF and Hushållningssälsskapet sjuhärad.

4) Future faba beans for food and feed in which we will collect a diverse panel of faba bean germplasm for genotyping and phenotyping. The data will be used for genome wide association studies and developing new cultivars for Swedish farmers in collaboration with Lantmännen, Kalmar-Ölands trädgårdsprodukter and Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter.


5) Integrating plant genomics with conventional breeding to enhance the quality and productivity of finger millet, noug, sorghum and durum wheat - major food crops in Ethiopia. Developing plant breeding resources and capacity building in Ethiopia. A collaboration between Addis Ababa University and SLU, financed by SIDA


Estefany Reyes, Master’s student, SLU 2021, co-supervisor

Johanna Osterman, Licentiate student, SLU 2020-2022, co-supervisor

Hanna Ohm, PhD student, SLU 2019-2021, co-supervisor

Haftom Brhane, PhD student, Addis Ababa University 2019-2021, co-supervisor

Muluken Birara PhD student, Addis Ababa University 2019-2021 co-supervisor 

Behailu Mulugeta PhD student, Addis Ababa University 2019-2021, co-supervisor

Adane Gebeyehu PhD student, Addis Ababa University 2019-2021, co-supervisor

Selected publications


(* né Gustafsson)

1.      Hammenhag C, Ganapathi V, Ortiz R, Geleta M (2020) QTL Mapping for Domestication-Related Characteristics in Field Cress (Lepidium campestre)—A Novel Oil Crop for the Subarctic Region. Genes. 11 , 1223

2.      Tsehay S, and Ortiz R, Johansson E, Bekele E, Tesfaye K, Hammenhag C and Geleta M (2020) New transcriptome-based SNP markers for noug (Guizotia abyssinica) and their conversion to KASP markers for population genetics analyses. Genes. 11 , 1373

3.      Ortiz R, Geleta M, Gustafsson* C, Lager I, Hofvander P, Löfstedt C, Cahoon E, Minina E, Bozhkov P, Stymne S (2020). Oil crops for the future. Current Opinion in Plant Biolog, 56, 181-189

4.      Geleta M, Gustafsson* C, Glaubitz J, Ortiz R (2020). High-Density Genetic Linkage Mapping of Lepidium based on Genotyping-By-Sequencing SNPs and Segregating Contig Tag Haplotypes. Frontiers in Plant Science, 11

5.      Gustafsson* C, Willforss J, Lopes-Pinto F, Ortiz R, Geleta M (2018). Identification of genes regulating traits targeted for domestication of field cress (Lepidium campestre) as a biennial and perennial oilseed crop. BMC Genetics 19:36

6.      Karademir Andersson A, Gustafsson* C, Krishnankutty R and Cohn M (2017). Multiple DNA Interactions Contribute to the Initiation of Telomerase Elongation. Journal of Molecular Biology, Volume 429, Issue 14, Pages 2109-2123

7.      Gustafsson C, Edsö Rhodin J and Cohn M (2011). Rap1 Binds Single-stranded DNA at Telomeric Double- and Single-stranded Junctions and Competes with Cdc13 Protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry 286(52): 45174-85

8.      Edsö Rhodin J, Gustafsson* C and Cohn M (2011). Single-and double-stranded DNA binding proteins act in concert to conserve a telomeric DNA core sequence. Genome Integrity 14;2(1):2

9.      Broberg K, Höglund M, Gustafsson* C, Björk J, Ingvar C, Albin M and Olsson H (2007). Genetic variant of the human homologous recombination-associated gene RMI1 (S455N) impacts the risk of AML/MDS and malignant melanoma. Cancer Letters 258(1):38-44

Popular science contributions

1.      Gustafsson* C and Lehrman A (2019). Framtidens gröna energi kan odlas i Norrland, Energivärlden

2.      Geleta M, Gustafsson* C, Nadeau E, Ortiz R, Parsons D, Andersson A, Öhlund L. (2019) Genomic selection in red clover (Trifolium pratense): A research project funded by SLU Grogrund - Centre for Breeding Food Crops. Sveriges Utsädesförenings Tidskrift 2019:2


Researcher at the Department of Plant Breeding
Postal address:
Växtförädling, Box 190
234 22 LOMMA
Visiting address: Sundsvägen 10, Alnarp