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Åsa Grimberg

Åsa Grimberg
Researcher and Teacher at the Department of Plant Breeding


I have always been fascianted by the green organisms that surround us and that we are so dependant on for our survival. To work with basic research and teaching in plant biochemistry and molecular biology is exciting and through my work I hope to contribute to new knowledge that can be of use in plant breeding and agriculture.


I teach within plant biochemistry at basic level where we work very close to our research projects in the laboratory exercises. I also teach in PhD courses about generic skills such as in How to write a scientific research article.



Plants can store carbon in different forms, for example as oil, starch, proteins and sugar. These are typically accumulating in storage structures of the plant like the seed. We use molecular tools in combination with comparative transcriptome and metabolome analyses as well as C-14 labeling to map and better understand the regulation of carbon allocation between different storage forms. Species used as models in this work are oat, wheat, quinoa, faba beans, and aspen.

Research progams that I currently particpates in: 

Grogrund: Future faba beans for food and feed. A breeding program on faba bean wil be initiated and state-of-the-art techniques developed targeting traits of importance for country-wide production for both food and feed. 

Oil Crops for the Future -Research program for the development of new oil crops, financed by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. 

Protein2Food  EU-finaced project that explores the possibilities for increased plant protein production in Europe. Research topics cover a broad range; from primary production to development of new food prototypes and consumer trends. 

Trees and Crops for the Future VINNOVA-financed strategic research program for promoting plant research in Sweden. 

ScanOat -An industrial research centre around oats fianced by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

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Researcher at the Department of Plant Breeding
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