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Amalia Engström

Amalia Engström
PhD-student in landscape architecture at the Department for urban and rural development.


In january 2018 i staretd as a PhD-student in landscape architecture at SLU. 

My PhD theis with the title Planning for an urban recreational landscape: tracing the geographies of outdoor recreation in the compact city the thesis aims to offer an interpretation, and to deepen the understanding, of the interactions and tensions between outdoor recreation, compact city models and lingering planning legacies of past recreational planning.

I am witing my thesis as part of the FORMAS-financed research project  Welfare landscapes reassembled: policies for sustainable outdoor recreation in times of urban densification.


International conferences: 

AESOP annual congress, Chalmers Gothenburg 2018
Presentation title: TOD after work: tracing everyday recreational mobilities in planning policies and in the field

Nordic geographies meeting, NTNU Trondheim 2019
Presentation title: A troubled landscape planning – making space for recreation in the densifying city

Governing Urban Natures: Infrastructure, Citizenship and Municipal Ecologies, Aarhus University 2019
Presentation title: Urban natures and urban densities: studying tensions in contemporary recreational planning


Other engagements: 

Participated in Movium and The Swedish Sports Confederations publication on Rörelserik Stadsutveckling, and associated seminar during Almedalen 2019.


I have a background in human geography and urban planning. In my maters thesis Bredäng in flux: reshaping modernist spaces through contemporary planning, I researched how contemporary ideals in planning are relating to modernist urban fabrics and landscapes. 

Selected publications

Engström, A., & Qviström, M. (2022). Situating the silence of recreation in transit-oriented development. International Planning Studies, 27(4), 411-424.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Landscape architecture Spatial planning
Telephone: +4618673511, +46737274652