CV page

Adrià Sunyer Caldú

I am a PhD student guest from the University of Barcelona, Spain, with affiliation in the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research in the Spanish National Research Council (IDAEA-CSIC). The main topic of my thesis project is the analysis of contaminats of emerging concern (CECs) with target and non-target analysis in environmental and human samples, but also the development of analytical methodologies to achieve this purpose.


My supervisors are M. Silvia Díaz Cruz and Pablo Gago Ferrero. 

Selected publications

"First application of carbon-based screen-printed electrodes for the voltammetric determination of the organic UV filters oxybenzone and octocrylene". A. Sunyer [PF1] et. al., Talanta 196 (2019) 381–388.

“Bioremediation of emerging micropollutants in irrigation water. The alternative of microalgae-based treatments”. L. Vassalle, A. Sunyer-Caldú, E. Uggeti, R. Díaz-Montero, J. García, M.S. Diaz-Cruz, M.J. García-Galán*, Journal of Environmental Management 274 (2020) 111081

“Behavior of UV Filters, UV Blockers and Pharmaceuticals in High Rate Algal Ponds Treating Urban Wastewater”. L. Vassalle, A. Sunyer-Caldú, E. Uggeti, R. Díaz-Montero, J. García, M.S. Diaz-Cruz, M.J. García-Galán*, Water 12 (2020) 2658

“Simultaneous degradation of 30 pharmaceuticals by anodic oxidation: Main intermediaries and by-products”. W. Calzadilla, C. Espinoza, M.S. Diaz-Cruz, A. Sunyer, M. Aranda, C. Peña-Farfal, R. Salazar*, Chemosphere 269 (2021) 128753

“A protocol for wide-scope non-target analysis of contaminants in small amounts of biota using bead beating tissuelyser extraction and LC-HRMS”. R. Gil-Solsona, S. Rodriguez-Mozaz, M.S. Diaz-Cruz, A. Sunyer-Caldú, T. Luarte, J. Höfer, C. Galbán-Malagón, P. Gago-Ferrero*, MethodsX 8, (2021) 101193

“Rapid and cost-effective multiresidue analysis of pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and antifouling booster biocides in marine sediments using matrix solid phase dispersion”. K. Lotz, A. Sunyer-Caldú, S. Caldosa, E. Gilberto, G. Fillman, M.S. Diaz-Cruz*, Chemosphere 267 (2021) 129085

“ Development of a sensitive analytical method for the simultaneous analysis of benzophenone-type UV filters and paraben conservatives in umbilical cord blood. A. Sunyer-Caldú, A. Peiró, M. Díaz, L. Ibáñez, P. Gago-Ferrero, M.S. Diaz-Cruz*, MethodsX 8 (2021) 101307

“Development of a QuEChERS-based method for the analysis of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in lettuces grown in field-scale agricultural plots irrigated with reclaimed water”. A. Sunyer-Caldú, M.S. Diaz-Cruz, Talanta 230 (2021) 122302