6 May

Gradängsalen, Green Innovation Park, Online / Ultuna

Report release & seminar: Future Forest's response to the Swedish Forest Agency's external outlook study

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What forestry research is needed in a world where we should be prepared and expect the unexpected? Future Forests organizes a seminar in connection with the release of a report on what forest research is needed to respond to the societal challenges described by the Swedish Forest Agency in its latest external outlook study.

Expect the unexpected in a world where societal values and global markets are changing quickly! In their study Omvärldsanalys 2023, the Forest Agency has identified global and national trends with the potential to influence Swedish forestry and forest sector in the short- and long-term. Global population dynamics, economic developments and the retreat of democratic ideas are some mega-trends taking centre stage in the report. The demand for Swedish forest-based products will likely increase but could change in different directions and take on new shapes. The study also mentions that growing the economy within the planetary boundaries is an equation that looks impossible to solve at this moment and trade-offs related to forests are clearly intensifying.

Based on the Swedish Forest Agency's study, Future Forests has summarized thoughts and ideas on the needs for forest-related research in the near and distant future. The report is partly based on a workshop on the same theme organized online on 25 January 2024.

During the seminar, we will present the results of the report and discuss the following questions:

  • What research questions and new research directions address these societal challenges in the context of forestry?
  • What is the potential and what are the barriers for inter- and transdisciplinary forest research to address these societal challenges?
  • What is needed for researcher to address these challenges?

Welcome to our forest seminar at Campus Ultuna!


Time: 2024-05-06 09:30 - 12:30
City: Online / Ultuna
Location: Gradängsalen, Green Innovation Park
Last signup date: 29 April 2024
Additional info:

Registration: To take part in the seminar online or on-site at Campus Ultuna, we ask you to please register no later than April 29.

A zoom link will be sent out to all registered participants the day before the event. If you have trouble finding the building, consult this map

If you have any questions, please contact Ida Wallin (ida.wallin@slu.se).


10-12: Hybrid seminar from Ultuna campus

9:30-12:30: With fika and lunch for participants on-site at Ultuna


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