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14 Mar

Studio, lower level of the Teaching Building, Uppsala + online

Worth Knowing: Charcoal use in Kenya and Niger - paths to improved sustainability

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Increasing charchol use in Niger, Kenya, and other African countries, lead to pressure on the continent’s forest, but form an important part of local economies. Welcome to a lunch lecture where Anders Roos, professor in business administration, discusses the challenges and pathways to a sustainable charcoal sector.

Charcoal remains an affordable energy source for low-income urban residents, and the trade provides income for rural producers and transporters. Based on research on forest supply chains in Africa, this presentation discusses challenges and pathways to a sustainable charcoal sector by 2030. What are the roles of various stakeholders in the sector and the continent’s young population?

Anders Roos is Professor in Business Administration at the Department of Forest Ecomonics.

Soup is served outside the studio from 11.45. The lecture starts at 12.15. Please note that food is not allowed in the Studio.

If you are unable to attend, the lecture will be streamed live on SLU Play and on the SLU Library’s Facebook page. The lecture will also be available on SLU Play afterwards. 

Worth knowing 

Worth knowing is the SLU University Library’s popular science lunchtime lecture series. Here, exciting and recent research results from SLU are presented. We offer a light lunch, and after the lecture listeners have the opportunity to ask questions.


Time: 2024-03-14 12:15
City: Uppsala + online
Location: Studio, lower level of the Teaching Building
Organiser: SLU University Library
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Registration: No registration required
Language: English