2 Jun


Global Talk: Erasmus+

Would you like to know more about possibilities how to increase the Capacity building in Higher Education? Would like to increase mobility for students and staff through International Credit Mobility (ICM)? Please join the Global Talks and learn more!


9:00-9:05 Intro, purpose, outline of the meeting, introducing mobility team

9:05-9:20 Erasmus+ opportunities: ICM and Capacity. Geir Löe, International Officer at the Division of Educational Affairs

9:20-9:25 Questions

9:25-9:40  Erasmus+ ICM with Uganda, moderated dialogue with participants

9:40-9:50  Erasmus+ Introduce online-form to indicate interest

9:50          Final questions

You don't have to register, just show up in Zoom.

Zoom: https://slu-se.zoom.us/j/61212974482
Passcode: 112233

About the Global Talks

The coordinators of SLU Global are organising open seminars for SLU staff which we call “Global Talks”, to discuss and exchange experiences about research with partners in low- and middle-income countries.

We want to inspire researchers and other staff to collaborate with researchers in low- and middle-income countries. For instance, we provide examples of grants you can apply for, present projects that have been funded and inform about student exchanges. We invite both donors and researchers who have received grant to give their tips and advice for your project plan and implementation.


Time: 2023-06-02 09:00 - 10:00
City: Online
Organiser: SLU Global's network coordinators at the faculties